About Us

Noor Datacom company  is telecommunication engineering and integration company. We provide turnkey projects and solutions for telecom networks ,  DATA , Voice and Video networks . Our solutions  for telecom and DATA networks  are built entirely based on customers specific requirements and specifications meeting the industry’s standards and practices.

The main activities are as below:

IP Networks

  • Engineering, design and installation and Commissioning of LAN, WAN networks.
  • Engineeringof high speed (GB) optical infrastructures. 
  • Engineering and implementation of IP and VIOP projects.
  • Desing and installation of Video Conference projects.
  • Engineering, supply and implementation of IP networks such as Servers, Router and switches.
  • supply of different types of modems such as G.SHDSL,ADSL, VDSL and VDSL2+
  • Supply of IP PBX, IP and Video phones.

Optical Transmission Networks

  • Engineering, Design and implementation of optical transmission networks
  • Supply of SDH, PDH and DWDM multiplexers from qualified manufactures.
  • Supply of madia converters, optical to E1 and  FE.
  • supply of PCM mux for optical and cooper cables.
  • Indoor / Outdoor racks and cabinets.

Mobile and Radio systems

  • Engineering, Design and implementation of  PTP/PTMP radio networks for E1 and data transmission.
  • Supply of high capacity SDH radios (based on RTN standard)
  • Supply of 2G,3G, and 4G sim cards and other inteligent credit cards.

Test and measuring equipment

  • Suplly of optical test instrument such as : power meter, OTDR, E1 tester, SDH analyzer, fusion splicer.